Building for Bliss

A podcast for creative business owners & freelancers

Building for Bliss explores what it means to build a conscious and passion-fueled career or business. What are the challenges, the learnings – and most importantly what internal growth is required to be holistically successful? The show features interviews with creative business owners, freelancers, founders as well as solo episodes. Most of the guests tend to be on the sensitive side and have an interest in building not only for profit, but also for conscious impact, ease, joy – and, hey, bliss!

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Episode #6: Is your business contributing to your well-being? – with Nicolina Werther

Solo-episode in which I share why building healthy, sustainable businesses starts with building healthy individuals and how self-employment can contribute to your well-being.

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Episode #5: How well do you know the plants in your life? – with Jocelyn Perez-Blanco

Meet Jocelyn Perez-Blanco. Jocelyn is a plant educator, herbalist, urban naturalist – and much more. Jocelyn’s mission is to bring knowledge about plants and a wider understanding of how we are one with nature to communities and the wider world.

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Episode #4: Can you taste the grower’s intention in your coffee? – with Rachel Samuel

Meet Rachel Samuel. Rachel is the co-founder of Gesha Village Coffee Estate where some of the world’s best coffee is grown. Rachel shares with us the beginnings of the estate and how the intention to grow the finest possible quality got them to where they are today.

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Episode #3: Does your space support your well-being? – with Tom Manwell

Meet Tom Manwell. Architect, Co-living consultant, entrepreneur. Find out how the places you live and work in can better support your physical and mental health.

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Episode #2: Does your intuition fancy tea? – with Polly Singer

Meet Polly Singer. America’s top couture hat maker and tea specialist. What does tea have to do with hats? And why was the pandemic a blessing in disguise?

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Episode #1: What, Why, Who? – Introducing Building for Bliss

Is your business or career fulfilling you in the way you wish it would? Small tweaks on an ongoing basis will give you the results you are looking for. Tune in to find out why this podcast was started and what you can expect from future episodes.

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Meet your host

Nicolina Werther is an intuitive success & business guide who helps sensitive and creative business owners to get their most fulfilling work out in the world. She combines a background in the performing arts and as a well-being practitioner with her knowledge of entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Nicolina’s courses and bespoke coaching programmes are designed to help her clients align their inner world with their outer aspirations and build a career or business that is deeply fulfilling in all areas – money, joy, freedom, connection, impact, change – to name just a few. Her clients describe working with Nicolina as effortless, easy and deeply transformative, growing them as a person as much as a business owner.