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“How to overcome an emotional storm and get back into flow” – a checklist. 

Do you want to understand how you can better regulate your nervous system, so situations, people or circumstances in your day to day affect you less emotionally?

Here is a checklist with 16 ideas to re-calibrate your nervous system.

“An introduction to entrepreneurship for sensitives and creatives” – a free short course .

Learn why sensitives & creatives have to do entrepreneurship differently, why your gentle and helpful nature is what might be keeping you from reaching your goals and which money beliefs are stopping you from earning more.

“Survival Guide for the shy or sensitive person at work” – a checklist

Do you often feel overlooked at work? Do you wonder how you can get more recognition, create more impact? Some personality types naturally draw more attention than others. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t strategies for you if, e.g. you often feel shy or “too sensitive” to take centre stage.

Here is a checklist for the shy or sensitive person at work. It gives you ideas on how you can feel less overwhelmed on the one hand, as well as ideas on how you can create more impact with your work or business on the other.

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“Building Momentum” – Masterclass Replay

Learn how to redesign your goals and aspirations to experience more flow and joy on your way to achieving them. What is that No 1goal that would make everything else fall into place? And what do you need to finally achieve it? Once you know how to remove the internal and external obstacles that stop you from taking consistent, inspired action, reaching your wildest dreams becomes easy.