Ep. 1: What, why, who? - Introducing Building for Bliss

A short introduction to the podcast and why I started it. Building businesses is great, cultivating joy is fun, but what if we could take our work-life to yet another level and not just feel good about working, but actually use work to further improve our wellbeing? Tune in to find out what this podcast is about and to get your first dose of inspiration for bringing more bliss into your career or business.

“I'm all about getting someone to financial freedom with the work they absolutely love doing, but we have to do it in a way that fulfills us on all levels. That nourishes our soul as much as our bank account.” - Nicolina Werther

Do you build your business or career for bliss? And what does that even mean? Listen to this first episode to find out what the Building for Bliss podcast is about and what you can expect from future episodes.

Welcome to Building for Bliss, a show for the sensitive and creative entrepreneur who wants to build their business with success, joy, and ease.

I’m your host Nicolina Werther.

Hello, my friend. And thank you so much for tuning into this first episode of Building for Bliss. So today’s going to be a very short episode, just giving you an outline what this podcast is about, why I started it and what you can expect from it. And then maybe some small nuggets in alignment with what this podcast is aiming for.

So why did I start it? Honestly, my main motivation actually was to interview all these amazing people that I’m going to be interviewing, and finally having like a format where I can do that more than just having a friendly chat, but of course, there’s also another reason.

And that is, you know, I’ve been fiddling with my business, trying to build a business, building a business for a couple of years now. And especially if you’ve done it for yourself or even if you’re thinking about it, that’s quite a journey. It’s a bit of a, you know, it almost has its ups and downs, like everything in life. It can be very beautiful, it can also be challenging. And how can we navigate that better? That’s also what I want to explore on this podcast.

I’m all about getting someone to financial freedom with the work they absolutely love doing, but we have to do it in a way that fulfills us on all levels. That nourishes our soul as much as our bank account. Right?

And that’s of course, also what we will be looking at and why I called it building for bliss. And honestly, I really had to think about if I’m choosing that as a title, because I thought, oh, bliss is kind of a – it’s an interesting word you wouldn’t use in every context. Right? But a) I love alliterations, so I could not, not use it, and because, I think, first I was thinking about building for joy. And also, you know, some people would say it’s one of the highest and most elevated emotions or states that you can be in. And so I was like, well, why not, why should we settle for anything less? Why does work need to be anything less than feeling absolutely blissful? Because that’s how I see work. I want work to be one of my biggest joys in my life. And in many aspects it already is. And the others, I’m working out how to do it.

But mostly, yeah, what can you expect? You can expect some amazing guests that, like I said right now, the ones I have lined up for you, they all – – some of them are starting out, they still have quite new business and only maybe couple of years old, some are much more established. Um, and mostly at the moment, they’re mostly all like small – like entrepreneurial startups, small business, that kind of thing. But again, like I I’m open to – who knows what happens in future episodes.

And because I’m a coach and healer by background, meaning I focused a lot on inner work and what some people would call mindset, but I would say it’s also emotional set, for example, there will be a large focus on that. And that’s, again, my experience of businesses, like, yes, we need the strategies, we need to know how to write a sales page or communicate with our customers, or how to create a certain product or research something. Like the practice, the operational side, the marketing side. And, what’s the word for small business, like the staff side, that’s, that’s super important. And we will surely touch on it, but the way you need to show up to make all these things happen, to have, you know, the resources, the state of mind to make them happen, that’s so important too. And, um, I would say it’s possibly going to end up being 70, 80% of what we chat about, because that has been my own journey. And, I also know that to guests I’ll be bringing on, all of them, find that side of business really important, too. And in particularly I am thinking of my very first guest, which is going to be Polly Singer. I will tell you more when we actually like – obviously on the episode, but she’s someone who has been in business for, oh gosh, I don’t like, decades. But actually, I met her on a, on a very – personal and professional development course, I would say. And I know, I know the way she does business is all influenced by how she shows up in her life and how she feels about things. And, oh, it’s just beautiful. So you really want to, um, yeah, watch out for that one. There are going to be some real cool things that we’re going to discuss and uncover.

Yeah. And just to give you an idea, like for me, for example, things like, well, perseverance. I thought I could already persevere, but honestly, doing business has taught me not just one other layer of it, like, dozens more layers of what that actually means. Of course, how to be more confident and assertive, um, how to present myself, how to talk about me, my services, you know, all these things help my business, but they also have grown me as a person. Like I have become so much more able to be me, live my life as I want to be influenced things around me and create my reality in a way that suits me. You know, a lot of it is really quite close, it’s almost therapy. Again, I have not seen any business being really sustainably, holistically, prosperous, growing, and at least their owners, or the key players in it haven’t done that inner work. There is so much talk, even if you look at leadership circles of, you know, what kind of qualities a good leader needs, and they are all inner qualities, usually. It’s all, you know, how you relate to yourself, how you relate to others. And that’s why I think it’s such a, such an important thing to talk about.

If you have questions or requests for topics, do send them in, you can use the contact form on my website, which is nicolinawerther.com/sayhi, or also find me on social media, Instagram. Um, send me a message there. If you want to stay in touch with this podcast, of course, please subscribe. I know this is the first episode, but in future episodes, maybe leave some review because that of course always helps to spread the message and share it. Like, if you find it useful, if you find, yeah, what you’re hearing is useful and you can apply it to your own life, to your own business. And again, it’s not just, it’s mostly business owners, but if you’re a freelancer or even if you’re employed, but you have your own project, it’s still going to be relevant to you.

And let me think if there’s one more thing I can leave you with, so you have something you can already apply until you hear me again. Well, let’s come back to the basics: How can you bring 1% more joy into what you are doing? Like, even if you’re already doing something you absolutely love, there is always, always, always something we can tweak to make it more enjoyable.

And that could be, which then in return, of course will help you with for example, also your energy levels. If you feel like you’re sometimes don’t have the energy to do something, honestly, if you make things more enjoyable for you, I guarantee you that your energy will shift as well. So, be it music you’re listening to a particular time of the day, or when you do a particular time of the work, working in a different location, even just moving something physically in your environment, so maybe you have a better view, or you have a better chair, or like a particular piece of clothing you want to wear – all these things, well, make a difference of how you can do your work. I could say how you do life, go through your day, which is true, but I will use in particular, a lot of work specific examples so that you can -build for bliss, which is of course the purpose of this podcast.

So thank you so much for listening. If you want to stay in the loop, if you go to my webpage, nicolinawerther.com/podcast, I think it’s called episode one or something, you’ll find the first episode. I always put some links where, how you can stay in touch. But of course, always again, Instagram nicolina.werther, or send me an email, um, on my contact page.

And – let me know who you are if you haven’t met yet. All right. Until next time, bye-bye.

Show Notes

Are you a creative freelancer, artist, or business owner? And have you ever wondered how your work can fully fill you out? Not just give you profits, not even just be an activity you enjoy doing. But satisfy all your needs for expression, income, connection, variety, contribution, and accomplishment?

This episode explores:

  • Why Building for Bliss? And what does that even mean?
  • Should we use work to increase our well-being?
  • What running a business has taught me about perseverance and increasing my ability to influence life around me
  • How you can bring 1% more joy into your work

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