Ep. 3: Does Your Space support your well-being? - with Tom Manwell

How well does your environment support your mental and physical health? Tom Manwell is an architect and entrepreneur passionate about community. In this episode, he shares with us what got him into his career, how he has now branched out into co-living consultancy, and how you can improve your own home for more well-being.

“Being truly authentic to your own passion and interest, actually results in a more successful business.” - Tom Manwell

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Show Notes

Tom shares with us how he adjusted his architectural practice to match his true interest in well-being and why he now also runs a consultancy for co-living spaces.

This episode explores:

  • How to make sure your business reflects your interests and passions

  • What it means to translate “what feels good” into physical shapes and designs

  • How co-living can help you grow as a person

  • Easy adjustments you can make around your home or office to bring more well-being into your spaces

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