Ep. 4: Can you taste the grower's intention in your coffee? - with Rachel Samuel

How much thought and intention do you put into your business or creative practice? How important your intentions are and how far they can get you, you can find out if you listen to this interview with Rachel Samuel. Rachel is one half of the founders behind Gesha village coffee estate. Gesha village coffee is one of the most celebrated coffees in the world!

“When you taste the coffee, you taste the love and the intention in the coffee – and I think that is very important as a business person. When you create a business, you create it with an intention.” - Rachel Samuel

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Show Notes

Rachel shares with us how two creatives – a photographer and a documentary filmmaker – came up with the idea of starting a coffee farm and how much of their journey has been led by intuition, intention and a deep connection nature, the land, the people, customers, the culture, the coffee – and ultimately a deep connection to self.

This episode explores:

  • How far your “good intentions” can bring you (psst! spoiler: They can get your right to the top!)

  • Why it is important to give every little detail intention & thought and why you want to tell your plants what you want from them

  • How there is only one of you, and how that means you can share your knowledge freely without needing to fear that anyone will ever be able to copy you

  • How a higher price will never be an obstacle if you produce with the intention of producing the highest quality, trusting yourself and valuing your contributions along the way

  • How you know you are in tune and in flow with life when you can consider the trees as your extended family!

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