Ep. 6: Is your business contributing to your well-being? - with Nicolina Werther

Solo-episode in which I share why building healthy, sustainable businesses starts with building healthy individuals and how self-employment can contribute to your well-being.

“When I talk about a healthy system or a healthy individual, I really mean that you, e.g., can assert yourself, that you can express your desires, needs and wants, that you know how to take care of yourself - while performing at a high standard.” - Nicolina Werther

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Show Notes

The episode starts with a short update on the purpose of the podcast and then explores:

  • why healing precedes or at least goes hand in hand with building a healthy business or projects
  • why healing affects all areas of life and “niching”, saying you specialise only in one particular area, might not always be appropriate
  • how self-employment can contribute to your well-being by helping you build a healthy relationship with yourself
  • how a lack of structure and consistency can be a form of self-abandonment
  • how listening to yourself and knowing what works or doesn’t work for you is key for healthy productivity, as well as high motivation and engagement levels

Another aspect of building healthy individuals and companies, I don’t mention in the recording, is that a focus on well-being naturally extends beyond personal issues and e.g taking care of the environment becomes easy. The more you are well and resourced, the more interest and energy you will have to give back to the wider world – including e.g. the environment. There is a huge difference between “having to be environmentally conscious” and forcing yourself or your company to be sustainable vs it being a natural extension of your interest in well-being for yourself and the wider world.

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