Creating Success!

An online academy that teaches you how to make those dreams of yours happen.

The academy focuses on three areas:

  • Mindset
  • Embodiment
  • Strategy

Maybe your life circumstances have changed, maybe you simply got caught in the loop of doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results, or maybe you were never clear about how to make things work consistently in the first place.

If your business or career have started to feel a little bit stale, or as if they might be a little shaky on the legs – you have come to the right place.

If things aren’t working out in your professional life as you wish they were, it’s usually a sign that you need to reconnect with yourself and the things that matter to you. This is especially true for sensitive or creative people.

This coaching intensive is designed to put you back in touch with your true calling and create the kind of work for you that authentically reflects your passions and interests and nourishes your soul as much as your bank account.


  • finally create the results you have been hoping for for far too long?
  • Is it time to revive your cretive side, or start a new passion project?
  • Or how is that business of your going, do you feel like you have tried everything, but are still not where you want to be?
  • Do you want to stop making excuses and fully throw yourself behind  the things that matter to you?
  • learn how to improve all areas of your life simultaneously?
  • Not only express yourself creatively, but actually et paid for your work?
  • have more influence on others, but don’t know yet how to go about it?
  • Get more seen, heard, and acknowledged for your work and efforts?

This programme can help you with:

  • Listening to your heart’s desires to get clarity around what really matters to you
  • Creating new projects, services or products that match those desires, or tweaking your current offers
  • Increasing your self-belief and trust that your products or services will create the impact in your customer’s lives that deep down you know they will (even if at times you forget that 😉 )
  • Raising your confidence so you can create and sell those new aligned offers with success, joy and ease
  • Coming up with an action plan on how to market and sell your aligned offer

Let's Make YOU happen

Is it time to let go of struggle and hustle and create and sell from a place of authenticity and ease?

Market research and getting to know your audience better to create what they need is important. But so is the side that makes sure that your offers truly reflect THE MAGIC OF YOU. Customers buy from people they trust, not faceless brands. That’s why this programme focuses on the part that brings more of your “essence” into your offers, so your clients or customers get “you” with every item or service they buy from you and become loyal fans that keep returning.

But in order to sell from a place of ease and authenticity, you need to a) be crystal clear on what your work can do for people and b) communicate that message with belief and confidence. This programme will help you with both.

Experiences of others:

Please note – as this is a new coaching programme, some of the testimonials reflect other coaching experiences clients had with me, not specifically from this programme.

Working with Nicolina felt so effortless and trusting. We explored issues around visibility in my business and stepping more into my online presence. Reflecting back on the work we had done, I noticed that I have been showing up and sharing with so much fun and play everyday since working with her. Thank you so much for helping me fine-tune this aspect of my transition from maternity leave back into my business.
Juli Tash
Coach & Healer
Nicolina is a great and perfect surprise. She is quiet and unassuming in her manner and appearance, but this belies her quite marvellous talent for reaching into the heart of what matters. She patiently listened to my many (17 and counting at the time) projects and dreams, then skillfully and magically drew out of me a fresh perspective that has helped me to organically find my way back to my deepest and truest calling. I continue to be extremely grateful for her insight and subtle touch, and welcome the chance to work with her again soon.
Artist, writer and film maker
I was feeling quite overwhelmed about taking steps forward in my business/practice, to the point where I felt completely frozen about moving forward. Working with Nicolina has allowed me to understand the tools and resources I already have to work with. I also learned to honour and include my own cycles and life situations into my business plan so that it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.
Mari Brias
Primary teacher & Entrepreneur
These sessions have helped me persevere through the drama of getting divorced and to pursue my dreams. I re-started my podcast, I promote it shamelessly now and have no fear when it comes to facing any obstacles. I accept love now and feel I deserve to succeed. Those shifts in my mindset are thanks to Nicolina. I no longer feel stress in my shoulders or the gut-wrenching feeling when I’m nervous.
Podcaster & Influencer
It feels like a new chapter of my life is beginning and I am free to dance with creation as universal life force moves through me, magnetizing the people and situations that are meant to be part of this grand orchestration of expansion, living in joyful expression and divine service.
Terri Ann Radiance
Energy Healer & Spiritual Entrepreneur

What results can you expect?

  • You will regain a sense of purpose and direction and know that you are using your time for something meaningful
  • You will feel more confident and enjoy sharing, presenting, and selling your work
  • Increased interest from customers, clients and collaborators
  • You will know what you stand for and how you can use this knowledge to position yourself more effective in life and business
  • A life full of ease, flow, joy and success
  • Reduced anxiety, worry, self-doubt and other insecurities
  • Being tapped into your creativity and joy 24/7
  • A new or elevated passion project, career, or business
  • Waking up every day and feeling extraordinary!

The three Pillars of this programme:


No project, service or product will feel aligned, if you are riddled with self-doubt on the inside.

We will start reconnecting you to yourself so you can find the answers to what is important to you, what you would like to do more (or less) of and how you want to set up your career or business going forward, within yourself.


A confused mind can’t create, move forward or even sell.

Once you have aligned your internal world with your external desires, we will come up with practical actions and a clear path that will help you tweak or create your offers, taking into consideration your long-term goals for your career or business.


You have your offer, now let’s get it out to the world.

Doing something new or different can feel a little daunting at times. In this final step, we will increase your magnetism and make sure you have all the resources you need to put your new aligned offer out into the world with confidence and pride.

What's included in the programme & What is the Investment:

A monthly 90min masterclass – let’s get crystal clear on what you want to achieve, what you will need to achieve it and get you making it happen. These session will be a mix of strategy, healing work and energetic business or career alignments, depending on your individual circumstances.

monthly live Q&A – for when you get stuck between sessions, want some extra accountability, or simply want to celebrate a win with me

monthly audio guide – either as affirmations, meditation, or…

Access to previous classes

Discounts on other programmes and 1:2:1 sessions


Ready to rise? Send us an email if you want to book the programme, or have questions about it. Or you could simply use PayPal:

What is the Investment?

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Pay monthly:

$97, now $47



Or pay for three months:

$ 262, now $127, includes a complimentary 1:2:1 90min session with Nicolina, value $150


Not necessarily. Even though this programme is primarily aimed at creatives who are already running a business or who are already getting paid for their work, this could also be a great start for you  to actually create your first offers or products. Maybe you only had ideas so far and now you want to make sure you actually bring something to the market? We most certainly can make that happen, too. If in doubt, send me an email (info [@] )

The enrollment is ongoing. Once you decided to sign up and I received your payment, I will send you my calendar to book in your first session.

What this programme offers, gets uniquely tailored to every participant. This is not a self-study programme. I will guide you through every step of reconnecting, creating and selling an offer that reflects your soul’s desires and wishes. It can not not work.

The Magic of You

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Nicolina. I am an intuitive Success & Business Guide those who are ready to embrace their full selves and use their essence as a forth for good in the world.

I have a background in the performing arts and events and have studied personal and professional transformation for more than a decade – including coaching psychology, neuroscience, spiritual teachings, intuitive healing (Sacred Star Embodiment, ThetaHealing®, Reiki), mindfulness and constellation work. I have been self employed for almost all of my life.

In this coaching and mentoring programme, I combine my experience of deep transformational change with entrepreneurial and leadership skills for the sensitive or creative person.

My own journey of growth and transformation has always been fueled by my desire to engage in meaningful and fulfilling work, while bringing more of me alive and in a healthy relation with life in the process.

I have helped highly sensitive people to transition into lines of work that suit their personalities, taught shy and introverted individuals the skills to take more space and stage, turned dreamers into visionaries, able to connect their ideas (head) to actions (body) and communicate their ideas and aspirations effectively, helped the super smart to ground themselves (they tend to live a little way from their bodies), the “too kind” to become assertive, the quiet ones to be heard, gentle leaders to lead with more ease and joy, and the ambitious, mysterious, introverted and shy ones to find their voice.

It is my mission to make sure that your deepest desires are heard and acted upon. If we go for what truly lights us up, we get most alive, positively impacting our life as well as the lives of those around us.

Yes, I'm In! Where can I sign up?

Send us an email if you want to book the programme, or have questions about it, or you can use PayPal:

See you on the inside!