Reconnect to rise

Reconnect to your true self and step into
peace, power and prosperity.

Calling all those who identify as sensitive, creative, introverted, shy, soul- heart- or passion-led. 

(Being and extravert and highly sensitive counts, too 😉 )


Take two months to reawaken your deep, core self. 

Let your wise, knowing and compassionate part take over and build your life and business from that place.


This is a two months, 1:2:1 online coaching and mentoring programme.

Is This you?

  • You have a dream. In fact, you have many dreams. And you are done with only ever taking them out once in a blue moon, blowing the dust off them, shaking them, and then storing therm back on the shelf for yet another season, or year, or two.
  • You want your results in all areas of your life and work and you are no longer willing to compromise on it because of good-sounding-reasons like “money”, “children” or “health”.
  • You know you have a lot of skills and potential slumbering within you and you are done stuffing it down and seeing other people get the recognition and money that could as well have been yours.
  • You yearn to be celebrated for YOU – and not just because you went out of your way to make something happen, or because it happens to be your birthday.
  • Deep down you know that the world needs souls like yourself playing bigger, showing up and creating impact – and you are up for the challenge. 💪✨🌿

It is time to take your power back and claim your space in life and work.

This is how it went for me:

I went from being confused, not knowing where to go professionally, anxious about my future, not making much money, rarely speaking up, following along with other people’s ideas, struggling with anxiety, insomnia, emotional eating and a host of other issues


Being able to be assertive at home and at work and, eg, being able to ask for higher rates and better offers. At home, I was able to deal with difficult family dynamics and carved out a new place in the family system. I found and build more fulfilling relationships and now easily build and maintain my healthy habits. I launched my coaching and healing business and completely changed my understanding of money and power and how to get my share of the pie. 

The best bit?

My mental and emotional health is rock-solid, I rarely get stuck in unhelpful emotional states and I can truly enjoy every day as a gift.

Imagine this,

Instead of:



The Magic of You

What others say about working with Nicolina:

"I feel so excited about the new upgraded me showing up, both, in my every day life and at work."

I came to Nicolina wanting to work on the feeling of not being heard by my clients in my Pilates studio. Nicolina helped me realise that the pain I had in my upper back was due to the feeling of unworthiness, a lack of self worth and that my upper spine represented my ability, or not, to feel supported. She helped me to release that feeling in my body and got me to feel the 'old me' shifting out and the 'upgraded' version of myself coming in. Thank you so much Nicolina for helping me shift.

"A new chapter of my life is beginning."

I am free to dance with creation as universal life force moves through me, magnetizing the people and situations that are meant to be part of this grand orchestration of expansion, living in joyful expression and divine service.
Terri Ann

"My passion has been reignited and I feel a deep sense of purpose."

I appreciated working with Nicolina immensely. I was able to reclaim my place on Earth as a powerful game changer and a person who is already influencing other people and creating a positive impact. In the weeks after the sessions I noticed that I have developed a deeper and stronger presence and that I have been more joyful. I noticed I was more capable of experiencing life with more glee and harmony.

"Working with Nicolina felt so effortless and trusting."

We explored issues around visibility in my business and stepping more into my online presence. Reflecting back on the work we had done, I noticed that I have been showing up and sharing with so much fun and play everyday since working with her. Thank you so much for helping me fine-tune this aspect of my transition from maternity leave back into my business.

"I have experienced a remarkable transformation."

Throughout my life, I have struggled with migraines and headaches, which have hindered my ability to be fully present due to the fear of falling ill and letting others down. However, Nicolina's skill in holding space provided me with a sense of safety, allowing me to release suppressed emotions that have been with me since the age of 17. I came to realise the impact of my mother's car accident and illness and the weight I have carried for many years. Nicolina's support has enabled me to perceive my mother's journey with her illness in a much lighter way. Recently, I spent a week with her, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I no longer absorbed the weight of her suffering as I once did. This transformation is truly significant for me. Thank you, Nicolina.

"I have taken all my power back."

I used to be generous with my knowledge and skills to people who did not deserve it. I am now more opened to receive money from my clients without the guilty feelings that used to creep on me when they paid me for my services. I am more confident, and I have my self esteem and my self worth back. I feel calmer about my financial situation. I am more positive to the new "ME" Thank You Nicolina

How will this work?

This is an exclusively tailored, high-touch 1:2:1 programme. The exact content and topics we will cover will depend on your specific needs.

Most likely, we will focus on both, ” yin”- style transformation and healing (where you release old hurts, beliefs or emotional states that no longer serve you), as well as on more direct, goal oriented “yang” strategies (think more traditional performance coaching style methods). In addition, I like to work with a clients’ body as much as possible as I believe this is the fastest route to change.

There are certain areas of focus that tend to come up for most people. The below is meant to give you an idea of what we might work on.


This is where you connect to your true desires. The stronger your connection to what moves and motivates you is, the easier it will be for you to make happen.


At this stage, we work out how exactly you will get to your vision. Especially, the strategies, inner or outer resources – and the internal shifts this will require. 


Time to release any thoughts, beliefs, patterns or habits that no longer serve you. Fully step into the version of you that can make happen what you dream of.


Congratulations. Now that you have up-leveled and upgraded, it is time to lock your new-found vantage point in by laying the ground work for future wins and successes.

Will this really work?

100%. As long as your dream is humanly possible, we will get you there. 

The key-bit is for you to become the person who naturally attracts what you desire. Once your dreams have become your “normal” because YOU have changed into the person who does things in this or that effective way, most dreams become surprisingly easy. 

Don’t dare to try and prune your dream or take someone else’s dream because theirs somehow feels more doable than yours!  Those attempts rarely end well.

Maybe you have already tried some approaches and methods, maybe you even made some progress. But if you are not yet where you want to be, something is most likely not yet in alignment with your dreams and goals within you. This coaching programme was designed to change that.

Empowerment from the Inside Out

What's included in the programme:

Preliminary Questionairethis is almost like a small workbook, helping you focus your thoughts and energy towards the magic you want to make happen.

1x 2h strategy & lift of call – to lay the foundations, define your vision and put the first building blocks into place.

6x 90min 1:2:1, or the equivalent in 30min sessions – this is where the magic happens and we will do most of the inner aligning and outer strategising so you always know what to do in between sessions and how to do it most effectively. Usually, longer sessions are for diving into your inner world, shorter sessions for practical strategy.

Email and messenger access to me for the duration of the programme – for when you get stuck between sessions, want some extra accountability, or simply want to celebrate a win with me.


Creative Success Online Course – an 8 session course with lots of useful information on how you can make any project or business more successful. It covers the Yin & Yang of success, creating opportunities, the magic of thinking big, overcoming procrastination and much more.

Personalised, recorded meditation-visualisation – my newest addition to the programme. It will help you to reconnect to your vision and inner resources whenever you need to.


Early Bird: £ 777, Full Price: £ 977, Payment Plans available

Outshine Yourself

More kind words:

"Nicolina provided a safe place to connect with my vision and remove obstacles that were holding me back."

After working together, I witnessed positive and surprising breakthroughs in my daily actions. Things were going smooth and I regained feeling of peace and trust towards people I collaborate with. I would recommend it to everyone who needs support in aligning with their vision, getting insights on required actions or improvements and strengthening manifesting abilities.

"I am not giving up on myself anymore."

I am not selling myself short on my health and wellness goals and giving up on myself anymore. I feel strong, rooted and grounded all at one time, rather than switching between those individual feelings. I definitely felt, Nicolina gave me the space for me to unlock the door that was closed off to this body block. The healing was easy, without pain or sadness, Nicolina held great space to stop that all from happening. It was a beautiful, comfortable experience. I also know it was a very powerful transformation and healed a lifetime of hurt, sadness and pain that I was carrying and holding onto.
C. G.

"This was very powerful for me. It unlocked a whole new level!"

I was feeling quite overwhelmed about taking steps forward in my business/practice, to the point where I felt completely frozen about moving forward. Working with Nicolina has allowed me to understand the tools and resources I already have to work with. I also learned to honour and include my own cycles and life situations into my business plan so that it doesn’t feel as overwhelming.

"I found my way organically back to my deepest and truest calling.

Nicolina is a great and perfect surprise. She is quiet and unassuming in her manner and appearance, but this belies her quite marvellous talent for reaching into the heart of what matters. She patiently listened to my many (17 and counting at the time) projects and dreams, then skilfully and magically drew out of me a fresh perspective. I continue to be extremely grateful for her insight and subtle touch, and welcome the chance to work with her again soon. Nicolina is truly fantastic and I will whole-heartedly recommend her. Thank You!

"I accept love now."

These sessions have helped me persevere through the drama of getting divorced and to pursue my dreams. I re-started my podcast, I promote it shamelessly now and have no fear when it comes to facing any obstacles. I feel I deserve to succeed. Those shifts in my mindset are thanks to Nicolina. I no longer feel stress in my shoulders or the gut-wrenching feeling when I’m nervous.

"Nicolina helped me connect with my body and get to my inner wisdom from my feelings and emotions."

Nicolina, I wish to express my sincere gratitude. You made me feel so relaxed and at peace with myself. I felt very comfortable to share my life experiences with you. I had internalised my emotions because I was not allowed to express my feelings when I was growing up in my family home. You helped me clear these patterns and regain a sense of joy and happiness. This has made such a difference. I now have a new sense of wholeness with my soul force moving me forward to make positive changes in my life.

Possible outcomes of this programme

Knowing what is important to you and how to communicate it effectively

The ability to stay laser-focused on YOU and growing YOUR dreams and vision

A passion turned into a business, or a passion- or soul-led business or career grown and expanded

The ability to confidently present, ask, pitch, sell and market yourself and your ideas, services or products

A new-found freedom around your money and your time

Unshakable self-belief and a deep trust that you CAN do whatever it is that you set your mind to

Relationships that grow and nourish you simultaneously

Improved physical and emotional health

You feel celebrated, cherished, acknowledged, seen and heard

Who Am I?

Hi, I am Nicolina. I am a trauma-informed success and somatic coach to those who are ready to embrace their full selves and use their essence as a forth for good.

I have a background in the performing arts and live events and have studied different methods of personal and professional transformation for more than a decade.

In this coaching and mentoring programme, I combine my
experience of deep transformational change with entrepreneurial and leadership skills. I believe you are only ever as powerful as you can lead yourself and others – no matter if that means your employees or your kids.

My own journey of growth and transformation has always been fueled by my desire to engage in meaningful and fulfilling work while bringing more of me alive and in a healthy relation to life in the process.

I have helped highly sensitive people transition into lines of work that suit their personalities, taught shy and introverted individuals the skills to take more space, turned dreamers into visionaries, able to connect their ideas (head) to actions (body) and communicate their ideas and aspirations effectively, helped the super smart to ground themselves (they tend to live a little way from their bodies), the “too kind” to become assertive, the quiet ones to be heard, gentle leaders to lead with more ease and joy, and the ambitious, mysterious, introverted and shy ones to find their voice.

I am curious to hear your dreams.


If you feel drawn to the programme, it is most likely right for you. It’ll work best for someone who is ready to bu…

We will talk about your needs where you are at and if/how this programme can help you during our connection call.

We will look at where you are in relation to your dreams and goals and what will need to happen for you to get (closer) to them. That will most likely be different things at different times, eg a piece of strategy, an old block or stuck emotion that needs transforming, creating clarity around a particular action, building out a particular quality or strength of yours etc.
I like to use a combination of different tools depending on what is needed. Whenever possible I like to work with wisdom of your body, as this allows normally allows for faster changes than just using cognitive methods alone.

Early Bird: £ 777 or two payments of £ 397 a month apart. The early bird price is only available during special promotional periods.

Full Price: £ 977 or two payments of £ 497, a month apart.

Once you applied and both of us agreed to work together and you signed the contract and payed the fee or first installment, we can start. This could be as soon as within the next 48h of you reading this.

The programme was designed to be finished within two months. On occasion this might extend by a couple of weeks, depending on when you take your sessions and how fast you are able to integrate the shifts and learnings.

You've Got This

Yes, I'm In! What's next?

This programme is a very special journey only suitable for some. Please fill out the application form so I can get an idea about who you are and what you might be needing at this point in your life and career/business. 

Once we received the filled out form, we will be in touch to arrange a chemistry call where we will have a chat to see if us working together feels satisfying to both sides. Coaching containers are a very personal experience and is important that both of us, you and me/Nicolina feel like we will get out of it what we desire.

I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Let's Recap:
Do you want to:

Use your precious energy and resources to build something lasting and fulfilling

Feel so centered and connected to yourself that outside challenges no longer pose a problem or get in your way

Build or grow a business or career

Have conversations that would have scared you in the past, but now feel easy, even enjoyable

Lead yourself and others effectively

Enjoy influence and impact

Be surrounded by loving people who have high standards for themselves

Grow your wealth and be at peace with money

Feel at ease with yourself and with your work

Love life and wake up excited for the day each morning

If you answer “yes” to any of these: